Multibagger Gamma Version
Gamma Version comes with advancements in terms of technology and infrastructure for both Investors and Traders.
Multibagger Gamma is the one-stop solution for the decentralized world & crypto enthusiasts. Multibagger coin enables to trade & invest across the world stock markets, buy & sell stocks with the multibagger token.
One can trade & invest in
  • NYSE - USA
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange - CHINA
  • London Stock Exchange - UNITED KINGDOM
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange - HONG KONG
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange - JAPAN
  • Euronext Stock Exchange - EUROPE
  • Toronto Stock Exchange - CANADA
  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange - GERMANY
  • Australian Stock Market - AUSTRALIA
Multibagger coin enables users to place their own choice of trades with the help of multibagger trade engine and the trades will be placed on the multibagger itself.
Simply, with a click of the button, one (users) can trade & invest (Buy, Sell stocks) from any part of the world & own stocks across the world stock markets.
Dashboard to track all your trades, investments & holdings.
A wallet that supports crypto & fiat to handle the deposits and withdrawals. International payment gateways support - PayPal, stripe, etc. Liquidity pools & Farms.
Traders can expand to the world trading strategies marketplace.
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