Multibagger Beta Version
Multibagger Alpha Version, as a trading strategies marketplace only connects traders & investors, It is also programmed to see through the trades on Line. Multibagger Beta is technologically advanced with the infrastructure and a concrete version of multibagger.
Multibagger Beta comes with an update to handle automated trading facilities. Users will have the choice to opt for automated trading on the Line dashboard. Users have to follow certain guidelines for opting for the service.
Trades will be automatically executed on the Line dashboard, posted by the trader. Users shall opt for the service only after checking the trader performance history which is available on multibagger and trade at their own risk.
Multibagger recommends to meet the criteria to make the best out of automated trading. Every trader on multibagger has their own set of guidelines to follow. For instance: The capital to be maintained will vary according to the trader and strategy.
A wallet that supports crypto & fiat to handle the deposits and withdrawals.
An open forum for the discussion on trading for traders, investors, & retailers which helps to interact, educate, evaluate & embrace.
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