Multibagger Alpha Version
Alpha Version connects traders and investors. One can follow a group of traders for free. Users have the choice to follow or unfollow one specific trader or group of traders. Multibagger is glad to continue the free services for 365 days i:e 1 year. Alpha version comes with the product Line.
Line is the super fast lightning dashboard to receive trades from the advisors you follow. Users can receive the trades through push notifications on the enabled browsers.
Line compares the trades with the live market data and provides live PNL & MTM.
Alpha Version has the performance page for all the traders, closed trades on Line are posted to the performance page with all the respective parameters. Traders data on multibagger is transparent to the users, One can choose wisely according to the capital size and other factors like Returns, Risk Reward, Drawdown, RoMad, and Success, etc.
Multibagger Alpha Version with the above features is live on
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