About Multibagger

About Multibagger

Multibagger is a trading strategies marketplace, a fintech traders & investors platform. We work towards building a platform helps to connect Traders to the users such as Investors & Retailers in a decentralized way - a platform for in detail comparison of traders in various asset classes. Not just an aggregator, but also a monitoring body to keep track of trades and measures the potential returns generated with the help of live market tracking induced with AI.
Multibagger is a blockchain project. All the trades are registered on the blockchain, so the risk of manipulation is zero.
Our main motto is to help the Investors & Retailers with quality & profit-making trades.
We kick-started operations on the 2nd of April, 2022 with the goal of breaking all barriers that investors face. We named the company Multibagger, a popular word in crypto and stock markets.


Founder & CEO
Bharat bootstrapped and founded Multibagger in 2022 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade long stint as a trader. He is immensely passionate about internet ventures and started Multibagger.
He is an entrepreneur at Life. Over a decade of work, people, travel, ignorance, innocence, patience, arrogance, thoughts, friends, emotions & experiences have come to shape. He is always ambitious.
Sudeep has a phd in Artificial Intelligence & Computational Linguistics, and is the brain behind all our technology and products. He has been a developer since his adolescence and continues to write code every day.
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